Lead Former Tooling CF-8

Precision Lead Former Tooling for Axial Components

Eliminate Body Stress with Versatile CF-8 Lead Former Tooling

GPD’s CF-8 eliminates component body stress. Versatility is the key word for the CF-8. Simple tooling changes make short or long run production jobs quick and easy.

Tooling Examples

Lead Former Tooling

A = Part Number 800T-7060
0.060″ (1.52 mm) pin die used in vertical forming

B = Part Number 800A-0040
0.040″ (1.02 mm) horizontal die set used in flushmount forming

C = Part Number 800C-0200
Flushmount roller die set for forming leads close to the component body

D = Part Number 800E-1000
Stand-off dimpling dies for wire diamters of .015″ to .030″ (0.38 mmto 0.76 mm)

E = Part Number 800F-3000
Stand-off/Flushmount Lock-in .030″ to .045″ (0.76 mm to 1.14 mm)

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