CF-8 Lead Former Accessories

Standard Equipment

CF-8 Calculator Software Package

Just enter the values of the component dimensions, forming parameters, and form type. Press one function key and the computer automatically calculates all station settings and recommends appropriate dies.

Operator set up is faster and much more accurate. If parameters are selected outside the limits of the machine, the program will suggest an optional form or different die selection. This protects the machine from damage due to improper setup.

Lead Former Accessories

Dual Feeder System

The CF-8 Dual Feeder System allows you to feed taped components at a rate of up to 25,000 parts per hour at a time. The dual plugs can be removed to easily feed loose components one at a time.

Reel Feed Arm

The Reel Feed Arm is designed to hold one reel of taped components.

Foot Switch

The Foot Switch functions almost as a third hand. In conjunction with the dual feed system, the Foot Switch allows the operator to easily hand feed and form one component at a time, if required.

Tool Kit, Setup Pad and Instruction Manual

All required tools, instructions and setup sheets are furnished with each machine.

Optional Equipment

Transport Wheel System (must choose one size with initial CF-8 order)

GPD’s patented Transport Wheel System is available to work precisely with three wire diameter ranges.

  • Small = .015″ to .030″ (0.38 mm to 0.76 mm)
  • Medium = .030″ to .042″ (0.76 mm to 1.07 mm)
  • Large = .042″ to .060″ (1.07 mm to 1.52 mm)
jacobs ladder loose axial component feeder

Jacobs Ladder Loose Axial Component Feeder

GPD’s Jacobs Ladder Feeder will feed loose axial components with a wire diameter from .015″ to .050″ (0.38 mm to 1.27 mm). The feeder mounts directly on the CF-8 and is driven by the existing eccentric shaft, so there is no additional power requirement. It is easy to mount, easy to load, and easy to use.

Electronic Counter

predetermining totalizing electronic counter

The predetermining/totalizing counter unerringly detects even the smallest glass component. When connected in the predetermining mode, the counter will stop the machine when the preset count is reached.

Rotating Machine Platform

This circular platform allows the operator to easily rotate the entire machine and gain better access for die changes and normal maintenance. It is covered in ridged, static dissapative material. Its unique graphite, posi-lock system holds the machine securely in any position.