Time Pressure Dispense Pumps

Integrate versatile Time Pressure Liquid Dispensing Pumps into benchtop equipment or automated dispensing system

Time pressure operation diagram
Time pressure operation diagram.

Time pressure is a versatile method of dispensing a wide range of material viscosities. Time pressure dispensing applies pressure pulses to a syringe. These timed pressure pulses are monitored by system software and a pressure controller.

  • Dispense fine and repeatable dots and lines
  • Great for short pot-life material
  • Good choice for hand-held operations
  • Suitable for wide range of fluid viscosities
  • All wetted parts are disposable

Integrate a Time Pressure Dispense Pumps System into Benchtop or Automated Dispense System

Integrate the Time Pressure Dispense Pumps into fully automated Liquid Dispense Systems or a compact Benchtop equipment.

simple or advanced controller for time pressure pump
Monitor your Time Pressure Dispense Pumps with either a simple & versatile controller or an advanced FPC controller.
benchtop equipment uses time pressure liquid dispensing pump
Time Pressure Liquid Dispensing Pump on Benchtop Dispenser and automated platform environments.

Adjustable Pressure for Material and Flow Rate Variables

The amount of pressure used for a timed pressure process is determined by the relationship between the material being dispensed and the application flow rate.

conductive adhesive dots
Dots 0.011″ (0.27 mm) of structural and electrical conductive adhesives dispensed by Time Pressure Liquid Dispensing Pump.

When dispensing is finished, adjustable vacuum prevents syringe material from dripping. Adjustable vacuum prevents air from being pulled into the needle.

Time Pressure Liquid Dispensing prevents material drool when the pump is inactive by maintaining a proper level of vacuum to the syringe. This is especially useful when using low viscosity materials.

Simple. Disposable. Time Pressure Dispensing.

Use syringe sizes from 5 cc to 30 cc with the included syringe kit. An optional level detect is available.

Cleanup is simple. All wetted parts are disposable. An operator can change the syringe and needle plus re-calibrate the system within two (2) minutes.

Because material is dispensed directly from the syringe, empty syringes can be discarded. Commonly used Luer-Lok® type needles are also disposable.

Real Time Fluid Pressure Control (FPC)

Further enhance Time Pressure dispensing results with Advanced Time Pressure FPC (Fluid Pressure Control):

  • Consistent fluid flow to ensure accurate dispense result.
  • User determines the dispense pressure set points and can program process pauses.
  • Programmable Controller accommodates up to 30 programs.

For more FPC advantages, refer to Real Time Process Control with FPC, and watch solder mask dispensed via Time Pressure syringe and Real Time Process Control with FPC.

Time Pressure Dispense Pumps Specifications

For specification details, refer to the Time Pressure Retrofit Integration data sheet English pdf   / 中文 pdf   .