Peel Back Force Test VS SPC Software: FORCEWare Software

FORCEWare software is both the operating system and SPC Software Package used with the PBFT856VS and Windows software packages.

Easy to Use Test

  • Simplified calibration routine for speed and force
  • Selectable sampling rate
  • Easy-to-use point-&-click windows
  • Improved screens
  • Improved capability for storage of test data, test graphs, and SPC data

Test Graph

When a peel back force test begins, its progress displays on the test graph. Upon test completion, specific and summary data are displayed in a Test Results window.

SPC Software

SPC Data

One to five filters or a combination of filters may be selected when collecting SPC data. The filters selected determine the type of test data results displayed and printed. Many different graph forms can then be generated.

SPC data filters in PBFT FORCEware software