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GRAND JUNCTION, CO USA ― February 2017 ― GPD Global introduces its Conformal Coating System (SimpleCoat), an Inline and Cost-effective Conformal Coating System with full featured programming – making conformal coating processes quick and easy.

SimpleCoat Conformal Coating System
SimpleCoat Conformal Coating System.

SimpleCoat is a robust, 3-axis Conformal Coating System for printed circuit boards that provides a reliable robotic platform for inline conformal coating processing with SMEMA Communication.

This Conformal Coating System is new and incorporates a spray valve with a 10 mm conical spray needle dispense valve and Luer tip for selective coating. In addition, the equipment also includes external reservoir fluid feeding, nozzle park area with solvent, fume extraction, and a pin chain conveyor.

conformal coating system
conformal coating system

The new SimpleCoat system is driven by powerful programmable software and stepper motors. A laptop interface simplifies the design and application of conformal coating at all levels. Programming this machine is simple and can be done either by manually teaching the machine a program or by using a digital image (JPG) of a PCB. All parameters, such as pump parameters and motion parameters, can be easily altered. Various shapes, patterns, and areas can also be programmed.

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