Wafer Processing or Wafer Dispensing Videos

Wafer Processing or Wafer Dispensing

Wafer dispensing or wafer processing is the process of application of liquid or paste material (adhesive or a photoresist) onto the surface of a wafer or modify the surface of a wafer by adding or removing material to create patterns or to change its electrical characteristics. Examples of wafer processing applications are:

  • Edge seal: Help to prevent delamination, cracking, or corrosion of the wafer.
  • Underfill: Protection from moisture and contaminants, and heat dissipation.
  • Micro electro-mechanical systems (MEMS): These miniature devices combine mechanical and electrical components on a single wafer require high precision dispensing.
  • And more…

Videos show wafer processing using GPD Global’s high precision dispense systems and pumps.

Application Information: Pumps for Wafer Dispensing: Underfill, Edge Sealing, MEMS