USB Drive Compatibility

FLOware supports the use of USB devices for backups, transferring files, importing data, and exporting data. Most USB drives are compatible with FLOware. GPD Global provides USB drives known to work with FLOware with each dispenser. If you choose to use another USB drive with your dispenser, you should know the requirements for compatibility.

Compatible Partition Types

FLOware supports USB drive with the following partition types:

Partition IDDescriptionCompatibility
404hFAT16Other operating systems.
110BhFAT32 with CHS addressing
120ChFAT32 with LBA addressing
140EhFAT16B with LBA
774DhPrimary QNX POSIX volume on diskQNX only (FLOware).
784EhSecondary QNX POSIX volume on disk
794FhTertiary QNX POSIX volume on disk

Checking Partition Type

You can determine the partition type using a command prompt in FLOware.

  1. Access a shell.
  2. Insert the USB drive into a USB port.
  3. In the shell window, type the following command:

ls /dev/pd*

This should generate an output similar to the following:

/dev/pd0 /dev/pd0t11

The above sample shows a single USB drive is connected with a single FAT32 partition (ID 0Bh / 11).