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GPD Global’s FLOware® Software Optimizes Underfill Processes

Underfill Software

GRAND JUNCTION, CO ― ― GPD Global, a manufacturer of precision fluid dispensing systems for high-volume 24/7, low-volume/high-mix and R&D production, announces that its FLOware® Operating Software offers patent-pending optimization for complex underfill processes.

For products that have multiple sizes of components to be underfilled, it can be difficult to program an optimized routine. The difficulty surrounds the timing of each pass to ensure an optimal flow time. The FLOware® software’s UltiPath optimization routines allow the user to program a component with the desired volume, number of passes and delays between passes, and let the system determine the best order and gantry path to complete the underfill process with minimal gantry delays.

ldquo;UltiPath underfill optimization has increased customer throughput and reduced program setup time by automatically determining the fastest, optimized dispense path and eliminating the need for the operator to guess at the best route. This optimization is done on-the-fly so that changes to the program are automatically handled,” stated Sven Wedekin, Vice President & General Manager.

FLOware® software optimizes the best gantry path for the end-user. The optimization ensures the quickest cycle times for complex underfill processes. The result is reduced setup times, quick updates for product changes and the addition or deletion of components.

Underfill processes are enhanced with GPD Global’s PCD Dispensing technology for a truly volumetric process that will maintain the programmed dispense quantity over the life of the syringe. To setup component volumes, a program can be run with component volume optimization that will ease program setup by determining the appropriate dispense parameters.

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