Thermal Interface Material (TIM) Dispensing Videos

Thermal Interface Material (TIM) Dispensing

Thermal interface material (TIM) is a material that is inserted between two components, to transfer heat from a heat source to a heat sink, such as from an electronic component to a metal plate. Thermal interface material can improve the thermal performance and reliability of electronic devices by filling the air gaps between the mating surfaces and reducing thermal resistance. TIM can be in the form of adhesive, gel, paste, pads, or greases.

Dispensing TIM is the process of applying to the desired surface using a dispensing pump, syringe, or a metering system. Following are some factors to consider when dispensing thermal interface material:

  • The viscosity and abrasiveness of the material.
  • The dispensing volume and its pattern.
  • The equipment compatibility and reliability.
  • The nozzle/needle height, speed, and size.
  • The substrate surface finish.

Videos show TIM dispensing process with different dispense pump technologies and high precision dispense systems.

Application Information: TIM Thermal Interface Material Dispensing