Startup Hangs While Reading Database

During startup, the database is read to properly load the motion control hardware. A utility named readuniversals reads from the database. Three messages should appear when readuniversals loads shown below:

readuniv: DB Initialized OK
readuniv: Engine Found
readuniv: DB VER 2.9, SW VER 2.9 Is Acceptable

If the database is not loading correctly, you will only see the first message from readuniversals.


If may be possible to restart the database to finish booting. This workaround requires entering commands at the command prompt. To access the command prompt, press ctrlC to stop the startup script. When the startup script is terminated, the following message displays:

DS9000 Startup Procedure Failed

After the startup failure message, you will see a command prompt (indicated by a line beginning with a dollar sign [$]). At this prompt, enter the following commands (these commands are case sensitive press enter after each line):

$ slay -9 dbsrv50
$; startx;

Permanent Solution

If your dispenser continues to hang during startup each time you boot, contact GPD Global support for a permanent solution.