Solder Mask Dispensing Videos

Solder Mask Dispensing

Solder mask dispensing is a method of applying a temporary masking material to protect certain areas of a printed circuit board (PCB) from solder or coating during a wave soldering process or a conformal coating application. It offers benefits such as improved reliability and reduced rework.

Solder Mask dispensing process can be applied manually using a squeeze bottle or a simple hand-held syringe. Automated solder mask dispensing is a cost-effective alternative in high-mix environments. Before automating solder mask dispensing process, consider the different types of masks to ensure your selection is compatible with your choice of dispensing pump. For example, pump requirements may specify solder mask use latex or be latex-free.

Videos show the solder mask dispensing process using GPD Global’s automated benchtop dispense system, programmable to optimize throughput.

Application Information: Solder Mask Dispensing -Peelable, Washable.