Selective Conformal Coating Equipment System

Essential Equipment Features for Accurate Repeatable Selective Coating and Dispensing with Tilt and Rotate.

GRAND JUNCTION, CO USA ― March 2018 ― New cost-effective, automated Conformal Coating Equipment System (SimpleCoat TR) with tilt and rotate capability and excellent repeatability.

Selective Conformal Coating Equipment System for Selective Coating and Dispensing

SimpleCoat TR is a NEW low cost, inline, simple Conformal Coating System with full-featured programming making the conformal coating processes quick and easy to set up. This well-rounded performer is ideal for selective conformal coating and dispensing applications that require a high level of accuracy and repeatability.

SimpleCoat TR works with a customer-supplied laptop computer.  Programming of this conformal coating system is easy and can be done either by manually teaching a program or by using a JPG image. All dispense and motion parameters can be easily altered with the easy-to-use interface. Various shapes, patterns, and areas can also be programmed.

Standard Features of the SimpleCoat Conformal Coating System base model:

  • Reliable XYZ Motion System
  • Full-featured Programming, including teach from .JPG
  • Inline Operation with SMEMA Communication
  • Tilt and Rotate Spray and Needle Valve
  • Stainless Steel Purge and Solvent Cups
  • Stainless Steel Surfaces
  • Bottom Side Fume Extraction with Exhaust Flow Sensor
  • External Reservoirs for Fluid Feeding
  • Internal Black Light for Coating Inspection
  • Keyed maintenance Mode
  • Light Tower

Tilt and Rotate Spray Valve and Volumetric Pump

A Tilt and Rotate valve is included in the base configuration along with the robust 3-axis motion platform. Station 1 can tilt ±45° and rotate ±90° giving you full access to all sides of your device. To further enhance the dispense capability; an optional volumetric pump may be used in place of the needle valve.

Equipment to Enhance Conformal Coating

You can enhance the Conformal Coating process with additional options:

  • Low Level Material Sensor.
  • Large Volume Reservoir
  • Stand-alone Configuration
  • Volumetric Pump
  • Multiple Reservoirs

See SimpleCoat basic model for conformal coating without tilt and rotate for just under $40,000!

Multiple Reservoirs with Level Detect
Conformal Coating Feature Multiple Reservoirs for Level Detect photo


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