Replace Syringe in Dispense Pump -PCD

Air Free – Replace Syringe in Dispense Pump

Replacing PCD Syringe
GPD Global’s unique fluid feeding feature releases air pockets before they can enter main fluid reservoir.

Air bubbles in the fluid path can compromise the dispense process as they result in gaps or unsatisfactory dispensing. When replacing a syringe, it is common for a small amount of air to be trapped between the tip of the syringe and the luer adapter. GPD Global’s PCD3H, PCD3L, PCD4H, and PCD4L have a unique fluid feeding feature that allows any air pockets in the pathway to be easily purged before they enter the main fluid reservoir. This design ensures a consistent dispense process regardless of the number of syringe changes:

Replacing PCD Syringe
Air bubble escaping through fluid feed way.