Peel Force Test Kits

Peel Force Test Kits – USB Upgrade Kits

It’s EASY to bring an older Peel Force Test up to speed with the latest version of PBFT O/S (FORCEWare software). For less than 40% of the cost of a new PBFT you can upgrade your FORCEWare software to the newest, most powerful version. Just plug the kit hardware into your PBFT and PC, load the new FORCEWare software, and you’re done!

Select the upgrade kit that fits your cable connector or select kit PN PBT-118-4 because it includes all possible cable options. All kits include USB hardware, a download link to the latest release of FORCEWare Software and PBFT SPC/FORCEWare Documentation, and the cabling noted below:

  • PN PBT-118-1 PBFT Hardware & Software Upgrade USB Kit with one 9 Pin Cable
  • PN PBT-118-2 PBFT Hardware & Software Upgrade USB Kit with one 15 Pin Cable
  • PN PBT-118-3 PBFT Hardware & Software Upgrade USB Kit with one 37 Pin Cable
  • PN PBT-118-4 PBFT Hardware & Software Upgrade USB Kit with one each 9, 15, and 37 Pin Cable
Upgrade Kits, Verification Kits, Retrofit Kit

Strain Gauge Verification Kit

Use a Strain Gauge Verification Kit to determine if your strain gauge is operating within the calibration tolerance range. A statement of accuracy accompanies each weight in the kit. (Use of the kit does not change how the strain gauge operates.) The verification procedure is detailed in PBFT Strain Gauge Verification Kit Instructions.

Kit PN PBT-123 includes 20, 50, 100, and 200 gram weights.

verification kit PN PBT-123
Verification Kit (PN PBT-123).

Strain Gauge Retrofit Kit

Use the Strain Gauge Retrofit Kit (PN PBT-0110) to replace either an X-3234, a 10/4052, or a nonfunctioning strain gauge with the 2900-0005 strain gauge. Detailed instructions are included in the PBFT Strain Gauge Retrofit Procedure.

strain gauge retrofit kit PBT-0110