PCD Dispensing Awards

GPD Global’s PCD Dispensing Recognized with Two 2011 Global Technology Awards

GPD Global has been awarded two Global Technology Awards in the categories of Adhesives / Coatings / Encapsulants and Dispensing Equipment for its PCD Dispensing on the MAX Series Platform.

Dispensing Awards
(left) Sven Wedekin, Vice President/General Manager of GPD Global accepts one of two Global Technology Awards on behalf of GPD Global from Global SMT & Packaging magazine Editor-in-Chief Trevor Galbraith. (center) GPD Global’s PCD Dispensing with mixer for LED encapsulation.

GPD’s PCD Dispensing provides next-generation volumetric dispensing and is compatible with materials used in electronics assembly such as epoxies, thermal greases, underfills, oils, silicones and UV encapsulants, as well as materials outside of the electronics industry. PCD technology is designed for GPD Global platforms and may be used with other robots or tabletop operations with an easy-to-use tabletop controller.

Viscous fluids are delivered to the substrate via Luer nozzles and performance excels when using GPD Global ‘S’ Taper tips. The metering technique is not affected by variations in temperature or reservoir pressure, thereby improving day-to-day and start-to-finish process results.

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About GPD Global

GPD Global is an equipment manufacturer of high-quality, precision, automated fluid dispensing and component-prep systems. The company is an international, state-of-the-art equipment supplier for the PCB assembly and semiconductor industries. It designs and manufactures a variety of automatic fluid dispense systems. GPD Global also manufactures an SMT Cover Tape Peel Tester and Component Prep equipment for Thru-Hole applications. The company is committed to offering premium service to its customers and has sales and customer support affiliates located throughout the world, including North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific. For more information, visit www.gpd-global.com.