Precision Dispensing Conductive Adhesive

Dispensing Conductive Adhesive – Laird Tputty™ 607

Laird Tputty™ 607 is a high thermally conductive single part dispensable material designed with automation and vertical stability in mind. It provides application flexibility and variable gap adaptation. Tputty™ 607 exerts minimal stress on components while maintaining interface contact which maximizes thermal transfer.

This video shows conductive Laird Tputty™ 607 being dispensed with our Time Pressure Dispense Pump with Real Time Process Control (FPC Technology). For more information about various adhesives and our other pumps, refer to Conductive Adhesive and Non-Conductive Adhesive.

GPD recommended time pressure with FPC (fluid pressure control) which is proven to be an excellent solution for dispensing thick and abrasive TIM such as Laird Tputty™ 607. The fluid pressure control system (FPC) automatically adjusted the air pressure in real time which helped maintain consistent results throughout the dispensing process.