Automated Dispensing Systems – MAX

Non Heated High Precision Automated Dispensing System Configurations

Use MAX (base system) for dispense non heated applications such

  • Solder Paste
  • Conductive Adhesive
  • SMT Adhesive
  • LED Encapsulation
  • Potting Compounds
  • and more

MAX automated dispensing systems are available as stand-alone or inline configurations depending on your production requirements and provide high precision dispensing.

Stand-alone Automated Dispensing System

Stand-alone configurations use a work table of anodized aluminum. Work table measures 16″ x 16″ (400 mm x 400 mm). Secure the product during processing with vacuum. Board crowders push substrate (product) against fixed rails and are standard work table support.

BEFORE and AFTER crowders push substrate (product) to fixed rails.
BEFORE crowders push substrate (product) to fixed rails.
AFTER crowders push substrate (product) to fixed rails.

For applications with stringent flatness requirements, a flat porous ceramic plate and/or custom vacuum fixture can be configured as an add-on option.

Flat, porous ceramic plate.

Applications requiring greater clearance can use an optional raised rail kit. Raised rail kits provide 1″ (25 mm) of clearance for bottom side of product.

Automated Dispensing System: Inline High Precision Dispenser

Inline systems use a single station conveyor that communicates with upstream and downstream systems via SMEMA communication. Conveyor rails that transport product have a configurable 3 mm or 5 mm edge belt contact. For special applications, custom edge belts can be configured.

Inline Work Area.
Single Station System.

Securing product during processing can be handled in a variety of ways. Standard spring pins lift product from conveyor and clamp it to upper level board stops located on top side of conveyor rail. Otherwise, vacuum support pins can replace or be used in conjunction with spring pins. Vacuum pins lift product from conveyor and then apply vacuum, pulling product to top of pins. This is the preferred method when transporting thin or especially warped substrates. System must be configured with vacuum to use vacuum pins. Custom fixturing is also available to conform to your product layout.

Vacuum pins and spring pins lift product from the conveyor (for systems configured with vacuum).