Floware® Dispenser Messages and Codes

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C01: Mount Board Click CONTINUE When Done

C02: Purging… Click DONE to Stop

C03: Attach Ground Clip to Needle Click CONTINUE When Done

C04: Remove Ground Clip from Needle Click CONTINUE When Done

C05: Clean the Needle Click CONTINUE to Proceed

C06: Lock Drill Probe Up Attach Ground Clip to Drill Click CONTINUE When Done

C07: Release Probe Lock Remove Ground Clip from Drill Click CONTINUE When Done

C08: Place a Clean Chip in the Drill Pad

C09: No Head Mounts for This Program

C10: Cannot Find Selected Program

C11: Cannot Calibrate Vision System

C12: Cannot Read Fiducial Pattern

C13: Excessive Adjustment Accept Current Position or Adjust Manually

C14: Adjusting Lens: Wait . . .

C15: Cannot Load Required Shape

C16: * Remove Board From Exit

C17: Bad Mark Test: SKIP if Bad Board ACCEPT to Process Board

C18: Head is Unknown

C19: Cannot Reference Scale

C20: Scale Underflow: Cannot Use Scale

C21: Scale Overflow: Empty Scale to Retry

C22: Shape Weight Out of Tolerance: Ignore calibration, Retry or Abort

C22: Weight Out of Range: Ignore scale calibration, Retry or Abort


C24: Probe Limit Failure

C25: Adjust Micrometer and Needle Height

C26: Cannot Communicate with Two Part Valve

C27: Prepare to Fill Syringe

C28: Reloading Mixer Valve

C29: Weight Results Value Expected Change

C30: Remove Filled Syringe

C31: Filling Syringe… Click CONTINUE to Stop

C32: Valve On Times are too large to dispense properly

C33: Weight Results:

C34: Z Touch

C35: Purging… Click DONE to Stop

C36: Replace or Clean the Needle Cleaner Pad or Brushes

C37: Vacuum Hold-down has failed

C38: Touch Probe Failure

C39: Adjust Micrometer to Avoid Needle Damage

C40: Scale Adjustment Out of Spec Weight Retries Exhausted

C41: Wait for the scale to settle

C42: Calibration is not valid

C43: Needle Cleaners are set up incorrectly

C44: Unable to reset scale

C45: Scale has not stabilized: Accept,Retry,or Abort

C46: Clean Probe and Touchpad Click CONTINUE to Proceed

C47: Weight Retries Exhausted: Try again?

C48: Prepare Tilt Fixture for Calibration

C49: You MUST calibrate to continue

C50: The Tilt Fixture is NOT operating

C51: Move to desired Y coordinate

C52: Move to desired Z location

C53: Wait for Scale Calibration

C54: Remove board

C55: Click OK to continue

E01: New Name for the Program

E02: Name for the new Board

E03: Name for the new Program

E04: Name for the new Shape

E05: Name for the new Copy

E06: New Name for the Shape

E07: Unable to use this name The name may exist already

E08: Unable to create this item

E09: List Select Error: No Such Item

E10: Improper Selection Re-select or turn AutoMode off

E11: Conveyor MUST be active for Auto Mode

E12: Illegal Password Entered (Passwords must be unique)

E13: Program data has changed Save changes?

E14: Confirm deletion of Password

E15: Confirm deletion of Tool/Valve

E16: Confirm deletion of Material

E17: Confirm deletion of Pattern

E18: Confirm deletion of Needle

E19: Enter the name of the new pattern

E20: Patterns in use by a program cannot be deleted:

E21: Pattern already exists:

E22: Select a Valve or Tool

E23: Optimizing in Progress . . .

E24: Confirm deletion of Detail Line

E25: Confirm deletion of Program

E26: Select a Material

E27: Confirm deletion of Material

E28: Select a Needle

E29: Item already exists Confirm UPDATE of

E30: Select a Pattern

E31: Wait for Pattern Loading

E32: Blank Name is not allowed

E33: Is this a New item?

E34: Pattern is illegal:

E35: Tools/Valves in use by a program cannot be deleted:

E36: Unused

E37: Unable to Convert: Subboards may already exist

E38: Wait for Pattern Training

E39: Needle in use by a program cannot be deleted:

E40: Select a Part Number

E41: Confirm deletion of Part Number

E42: Part Number in use by a program cannot be deleted:

E43: Select a Shape

E44: Select an Operation

E45: Cannot add this Item

E46: Select a new Operation

E47: Select a new Operation SubType

E48: Select a new Head

E49: The vision processor is unavailable

E50: Clipboard cannot be used

E52: Enter a Feature ID

E53: No Match Found

E54: Values have changed Do you want to save?

E55: Confirm deletion of this item

E56: Items in use cannot be deleted

E57: Delete Patterns

E58: Delete Materials

E59: Materials in use by a program cannot be deleted:

E60: Delete Tools/Valves

E61: Delete Needles

E62: Delete Part Numbers

E63: Move to Coords

E64: Select a SubType

E65: Select an Operation for the subtype

E66: Confirm deletion of SubType

E67: Select a Fixed Location

E68: Confirm deletion of Fixed Location

E69: Delete Fixed Locations

E70: Error in Fiducial or Bad Mark

E71: Warning time is greater than expiration time.

H00: Axis Not Homed

H01: Locating Home Sensor

H02: Searching for Encoder Index

H03: Axis Homed

H04: Moving to World Origin

H05: Homing Sequence Failed

H06: Homing Completed

J00: Use the pointer to jog around…

J01: Move to Fiducial Click Close when there…

J02: Move to Calibration Dot Click Close when there…

J03: Move to this Board’s REFERENCE POINT then Click Close…

J04: Move to This Shape’s REFERENCE POINT then Click Close…

J05: Move to the Fiducial Then Click Close…

J06: Move to the Operation Point Then click Close…

J07: Adjust Vision Parameters Then Click Close…

J08: Move to the Point desired Then Click Close

J09: Move to the Coordinate Point Then click a button

J10: View Dot Calibration Position or Adjust Manually

J11: Jog the camera to the initial point

J12: Jog the camera to the farthest X point

J13: Jog the camera to the X point next to the initial point

J14: Jog the camera to the Y point next to the initial point

J15: Jog the Z axis to the desired location

J16: Move to the Bad Mark Then Click Close…

M01: Automatic Mode Calibration is Incomplete. Turn Auto Mode ON to reCalibrate.

M02: No Processing Information is Available

M03: Select a Program from this List

M05: Illegal AUTOrun Calibration:

M06: Cannot Open AUTOrun File

M07: Specified program does not exist

M08: Waiting for Board

M09: Waiting for Instructions

M10: Select a Material

M11: Select a Valve or Tool

M12: Warning: Reboot is required for changes to be effective

M13: Select a backup to be deleted

M14: Select a file to edit

M15: Wait for Valve to Home.

M16: BACKUP FAILED Reboot Required

M17: Select a PID

M18: Select an export file name

M19: Select a format file name

M20: Select any number of Program Names

M21: Select any number of Vision Pattern Names

M22: Select any number of Valve or Tool Names

M23: Select any number of Needle Names

M24: Select any number of Material Names

M25: Select any number of Part Numbers

M26: Select any number of Shape Names

M27: Select any number of Names to delete

M28: Wait for Export

M29: Output from EXPORT

M30: Select an import file name

M31: Wait for Import

M33: Wait for Import

M34: Output from IMPORT

M36: Select a Data Type to convert

M37: Select a source file name

M38: Select a feeder file name

M39: Wait for Convert

M40: Conversion Failed

M41: NOTIFICATION!! Time to back up the dispenser!

M42: Are you sure you want to restart this timer?

M43: Material has expired.

M44: Material has been saved. Do you want to use the saved material?

M45: USB features are not available.

M46: Mount USB Device


M48: Remove the USB device now

P00: Press Results:

P01: Post Press Vacuum Hold-down has failed

P02: Post Press Lifter is Hung

P03: Waiting for Post Press Heater to Reach Temperature.

R01: Fluid Level is Low, Head

R02: TEST TIMEOUT Ignore Test, Retry, or Abort

R03: Shapes are nested too deeply

R04: Run Paused Before Board

R05: Run Paused After

R06: Error reading Board Items

R07: Board is Missing

R08: Remove ALL Boards from Conveyor Clear Standoffs from Lifter Plate

R09: Adjust Conveyor Width Manually

R10: Conveyor Adjustment is Hung

R11: Adjust Lifter Pins

R12: Lifter is Hung

R13: Transfer Timeout

R14: Center Stand-Off in Camera

R15: Missing Fixed Location

R16: Mount Required Pallets

R17: Pallet Feeder Is Hung

R18: Mount New Pallet on

R19: Dot Count Exceeded Head

R20: Total On Time Exceeded Head

R21: Operation Time Exceeded Head

R22: Lens Timeout

R23: Clear Standoffs from Lifter Plate

R24: Bad Head Location

R25: Refresh Head

R26: Failure to Pickup Head

R27: Pause for badmark

R28: Program Pause

R29: Vision Error

R30: Lifter Down Error

R31: Wait for Valve Loading

R32: Tilt Unit has Malfunctioned.

R33: Wait for Heaters to Reach Proper Temperature.

R34: Select Features to be Processed.

R35: Prepare and Mount Items Specified.

R36: Cannot Open AUTOrun File

R37: AUTOrun File is Corrupt

R38: Illegal AUTOrun Program

R39: Illegal AUTOrun Calibration

R40: Cannot find specified program

R41: Prepare Valves/Materials

R42: Wait for Pattern Searching

R43: Program tweaks data has changed Save changes?

R44: Loading Program

R45: Wait for MV Valve to Reach Idle Pressure

R46: Parts Pallet is not Ready

R47: Program Paused by Operator

R48: Probe Elevations:

R49: The Tilt Fixture is NOT operating

R50: Scale Cup Needs Cleaning

R51: Dot size is out of range

R52: ERROR — Cannot Find Calibration Dot

R53: ERROR — Cannot Find Dot

R54: Fixed Location Pattern Not Found

R55: Part Not Present

R56: Too Many Pallet Retries

R57: Wait for board flip

R58: Turn the board over

R59: Warning!! Material is about to expire

R60: Material has expired. Replace and reset the timer.

R62: Defined Material Timers are not started.

R62: Power Supply is NOT responding

R63: Waiting for Ink Ready

R64: Remove platen from the dispenser

R65: Cleaning Valves

R66: Air Drying

R67: Waiting for Valve Fill

R68: Enter Run Count

R69: Ink Failure: Operation stopped.

R70: Operation is Ended.

R71: Calculated dot diameter:

S00: Do you Really Want to Reboot?

S01: Do you Really Want to Shut Down?

S02: Illegal Password Entered

S03: Enter a Password:

S04: Illegal Access Attempted All Access Changes are Logged

S05: A problem was detected while homing the gantry

S06: Message Tables are Corrupt

S07: Ready to home servos Click OK to proceed.

S08: System Stopped. Turn it off now.

S09: A problem is detected within the servo system.

S10: Unable to locate/open the database:

S11: Unable to open COMMON:

S12: Unable to attach name:

S13: Air Pressure Lost. Click OK to Clear.

S14: Safety Violation. Click OK to Clear.

S15: Live Camera

S16: Unable to start the Flasher: MISC

S17: Cannot open Display.

S18: Wait . . .

S19: Message Conflict — Notify GPD Global

S20: Illegal Resource ID

S21: Cannot Read Special Locations:

S22: The vision processor is unavailable

S23: Cannot Open Conveyor Control:



S26: Log Open Failure

S27: Pipe Open Failure

S28: I/O System Open Failure

S29: Create Server Failure

S30: Cannot Read Universal Options:

S31: Cannot Read General Defaults:

S33: Select any number of Classes

S34: A Data Base error has occurred

S35: Shutdown in process

S36: Line Power is Lost — Starting Shutdown

S37: Jog Conflict — Only one jog screen allowed

S38: Vision System Busy — Unable to perform operation

S39: Live Camera

S40: Run is Inhibited . . .

S41: You must reboot to apply changes to video parameters

S00: Do you Really Want to Reboot?

T00: Debug Message

T01: Test for FILE selection

T02: Test for Data type

T03: Test Animated Display

T04: Table Test

T05: Table TEST

T06: Timed Message test

T07: DEBUG Live Camera

T08: Edit test

U00: Default User Message 0

U01: Default User Message 1

U02: Default User Message 2

U03: Default User Message 3

U04: Default User Message 4

U05: Default User Message 5

U06: Default User Message 6

U07: Default User Message 7

U08: Default User Message 8

U09: Default User Message 9