Fluid Dispense Syringe Agitator/Mixer

Dispense fluids used for LED encapsulation, such as phosphor and silicon, tend to separate over time. The Syringe Agitator/Mixer maintains a consistent, uniform mixture of dispense fluids with heavy fillers. 

Fluids consisting of two parts, one of which is not soluble in the other, can be challenging to dispense. Even though the two parts may be well mixed at the beginning of a process, separation occurs over time. This results in different concentrations of each part during the dispense process.

The syringe agitator/mixer is available in different sizes.  The adjustable speed control adapts it to your fluid. Continual fluid agitation prevents the fluid parts from settling and separating from each other. The benefit of using a syringe agitator/mixer is uniform dispensing of your application from start to finish.

Additional Features

  • Syringe mixing speed is adjustable by the operator.
  • An easy-to-use dial makes set up easy and repeatable.
  • Integrate syringe agitator/mixer power and control into a robotic system – either a GPD Global® dispense system or other robotic system.
  • The syringe mixer/agitator handles a range of fluid viscosities:  from low cps up to approximately 15,000 cps. Low viscosity fluids are typically mixed at a higher speed than high viscosity fluids.
  • Cleaning the syringe mixer is easy. Wetted parts are disposable and available in a variety of lengths and sizes to meet your application needs.

Syringe Mixer/Agitator Information

Syringe Mixer/Agitator Data Sheet – English pdf   / 中文 pdf