Enabling Work Area Heaters Automatically During Startup


Can I set the default startup condition for my fluid dispensing system to always turn on the work area heater?


Work area heaters are useful in many applications when the product must maintain a certain temperature for proper dispensing (underfill applications, for instance). Work area heaters may take an extended amount of time to stabilize at the set point. Normally, the work area heaters are manually enabled and allowed to stabilize before an application requiring heat begins. Some fluid dispensing systems are only intended for heated applications and the work area heaters can be left on while the fluid dispensing system remains powered on. In this case, enabling the work area heaters during startup is advisable.

How To Enable Work Area Heaters Automatically During Startup

To enable work area heaters automatically during startup, modify the configuration of the fluid dispensing system to set EarlyHeat = True.


  • Password that allows access to the Configuration menu

Step-By-Step Procedure

  1. Enter a password that allows Configuration access.
  2. From the main menu, click ConfigurationDispenser Configuration.
  3. The GPD – Edit Configuration window appears.
  4. In the GPD – Edit Configuration window, press <F2> to display the Search dialog.
  5. In the Search dialog, type HasSignal and press ENTER.
  6. After the comment line, add a new line and enter EarlyHeat = True.

    NOTE: Comment lines start with “#”.


    IMPORTANT: If a line reading EarlyHeat = False already exists, change the existing line instead of adding a new line.

  7. Press ESC to access the Escape Menu.
  8. From the Escape Menu, select Exit.
  9. From the Exit VEDIT dialog, select Yes to save the change.
  10. Reboot your dispenser for the change to take effect and verify the heater(s) turn on.