Dispensing Thermal Interface Material (TIM)

Dispensing Thermal Interface Material Adhesive & Grease for Lid Attach

Thermal adhesives and greases have larger size fillers and do not have the lubricating properties of grease. Therefore, fillers do not slide through the pump and higher levels of wear result. To accommodate increase abrasion, a Precision Auger Pump with a relieved carbide auger is the recommended solution.

The Precision Auger Pump, configured with a 186 auger, is a double helix auger machined from carbide and connected to a high-torque, high-RPM motor. Due to abrasiveness of the fluid, auger diameter is customized to accommodate fluid fillers. If fillers are not taken into account, an excessive amount of grinding will lead to eventual damage and excessive auger wear.

To learn more, watch this video of dispensing thermal interface material adhesive and Grease (Lid Attach Process) with Precision Auger Pump.