Dispensing Surface Mount Adhesive

Dispensing Surface Mount Adhesive: Glue

Surface Mount Adhesive dispensing is a high speed application with a well defined process for dispensing systems. This non-conductive glue is used to hold SMT components on a substrate that requires double-sided processing before it goes into a solder reflow or wave solder process. Additionally, it is used to add extra holding power for larger components exposed to high shock environments.

dispensing SMT surface mount adhesive
Example of Surface Mount Adhesives.

Jet Valve for Dispensing Surface Mount (SMT) Adhesive

The high speed Jetting Technology of our NCM5000 Jetting Pump is excellent for dispensing Surface Mount adhesives. During processing, the NCM5000 pump dispenses from a constant height of up to 4 mm above the surface. By flying above the surface and eliminating Z axis motion, the pump is not affected by surface height variations known as “potato chipping”. Droplet sizes down to 300 µm (0.3 mm) can be dispensed using common SMT adhesives. For larger dots, multiple shots are dispensed in the same location. Process rates up to 50,000 DPH can be achieved.

Dispensing Small Volume of SMT Adhesive with Auger Pump

When droplets smaller than 300 µm are needed, the Precision Auger Pump is recommended. Droplets down to 150 µm are achieved using precision or luer needles. Needles offer the benefit of being able to dispense inside cavities of greater than 4 mm. Needle lengths of 12 mm are available to provide greater flexibility within process requirements.

SMT adhesive dispense inside cavity
Dispensing inside a cavity.

We also offer a retrofit kit with the NCM5000 Jetting Pump and/or Precision Auger Pump for your existing platform so you can take advantage of these significant benefits without a major investment.

Our fully automated dispensinge systems have features necessary for a successful dispensing process such as fiducial alignment, surface sensing on multiple levels, and the ability to program complex patterns that may be recalled as needed.  Compatibility with our full range of dispense pumps and the ability to use up to three pumps in a single process make our systems exceptionally versatile.

Dispensing Surface Mount Adhesive: Product Recommendations