Dispenser Configuration

Dispenser Configuration contains many configuration parameters that control the way your dispenser operates. Occasionally, you may want to change the configuration to optimize your process.

To change the configuration:

  1. Enter a password that allows access to the Configuration menu.
  2. From the main menu bar, select ConfigurationDispenser Configuration.
  3. Two windows display: GPD – Edit Configuration and GPD – Configuration Definitions.

    IMPORTANT: DO NOT modify the GPD – Configuration Definitions window. This window contains definitions of the configuration parameters; changes in this window do not affect dispenser configuration.

    IMPORTANT: ONLY modify the GPD – Edit Configuration window.

  4. In the GPD – Edit Configuration window, locate the line to edit.

    NOTE: You can press F2 to access a search dialog.

  5. Edit the line as necessary.
  6. Press ESC to access the ESCAPE MENU dialog.
  7. In the ESCAPE MENU dialog, press X or select EXIT and press ENTER.
  8. The Exit VEDIT dialog displays.
  9. In the Exit VEDIT dialog, press Y or select YES and press ENTER.
  10. Shutdown your dispenser normally.