Fluid Dispense Pumps

Single Fluid Dispense Pumps Station (Standard)

The standard configuration for our Dispense Systems includes a single dispense station that holds dispense pumps with our toolless Taper-Lock mounting system. This dispense station includes the electronics and reservoir pressure control for the purchased pump.

Multiple Fluid Dispense Pumps Heads (Add-On Option)

The multiple pump add-on option holds additional fluid dispense pumps that can be utilized during a dispense process. Pumps in stations 2 and 3 may be a different type than the pump mounted in station 1. The system toggles between each pump as needed by the program. Pumps are calibrated independently.

Our MAX Series systems can use an optional second dispense station, while our DS Series systems can use an optional second and third dispense stations. Both systems can also be configured for tandem pump operation for increased throughput where two pumps of the same type dispense on the product at the same time.