Automatic Vision System

Red/Blue Lighting – Illumination  /  FullView Lighting – Illumination

Automatic vision is used to correct product alignment with fiducials and for teaching programs. The standard vison system uses a black and white camera with various lensing options to meet your process requirements. Lens options can be customized to increase/decrease the field of view or depth of field. Lighting/Illumination can also be customized to assist the vision system with locating fiducials.

automatic vision system for precision dispensing
Vision system – standard items and add-on options.

Any image that can be “seen” by the camera and lens configuration can be used as an alignment image. Vision system is not limited to using traditional cross or bowtie fiducial shapes. Vison system capture time is approximately 0.1 seconds per image.

Automatic Vision Alignment
Automatic Vision Alignment and Fidicual Capture – video.

Red/Blue Lighting/Illumination (Standard)

In order for the automatic vision system to consistently capture and recognize patterns, uniform lighting is required. Standard lighting/illumination is an LED based, on-axis system that projects light in the same axis as camera lens resulting in uniform lighting of surface being investigated without shadows. Standard lighting/illumination colors are blue and red and operator selectable depending on product being viewed. During system operation, the system changes light color according to the pattern for which it is searching.

Dispense Camera Illumination
on axis illumination for fluid dispense camera
On Axis Illumination (side view).

FullView Lighting/Illumination (Add-On Option)

Highlights surface features and combines low angle dark field light with standard on-axis lighting/illumination

Some products are difficult for the vision system to “see” with standard on-axis lighting/illumination. FullView Illumination adds a low-angle, Dark-Field Light source to further enhance surface features. FullView Illumination combines a low angle dark field light with a standard top-down source. FullView Illumination is compatible with all lens options.

full view lighting for fluid dispensing
vision system discerns subtle features

By coupling these two illumination sources and allowing them to be controlled independently, our vision system is able to discern subtle features.

dark field illumination for fluid dispensing
Dark Field Illumination (top view).
dark field illumination - side view
Dark Field Illumination (side view).

The result is a stop-free and reliable production process; operator does not need to assist the system with alignment or gather unprocessed product and re-run them in a special process.

FullView Lighting/Illumination Results

When the system is unable to locate a component feature with Red/Blue Lighting/Illumination, Dark Field Illumination can assist with highlihgting features.

red light only illumination
RED Light Only.
blue light only illumination
BLUE Light Only.
dark field illumination shows componetn feature edges
Component Lit with Dark Field Illumination.

Component feature edges are now clearly lit and vision system can accurately locate component for processing.

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