Dispensing Valves & Pumps

We offer a selection of dispensing valves and pumps to meet the needs of most fluids used in Electronics manufacturing, medical devices and bio technology life sciences.

Dispensing Valve / Pump Selection by Material/ Fluid

Dispensing valve recommendations to meet your material and fluid dispensing needs.

Material / FluidJet Pump / Dispense Valve NCM5000Volumetric PCD SeriesPrecision AugerTime Pressure
Solder Paste below 0201
Solder Paste down to 0201
Conductive Adhesive
Underfill – Large volume
Underfill – Small volume
SMT Glue
Thermal Gel – Abrasive
UV Glue
Dam and Fill
LED Encapsulation
Solder Mask
⧋ ðŸ”¶
🔶   Recommended      â§‹   Satisfactory

Dispensing Valves: Precision Auger Pump

The versatile Precision Auger Dispensing Pump dispenses small-to-large quantities with an interchangeable auger. Using an 062 auger, dots down to 150µm (0.150mm) used for 01005 components are easily achieved. Wetted parts are machined from carbide for high wear resistance to abrasive liquids.

Compatibility with the Real Time Process Control (FPC) system gives you a closed loop process. If your applications require mid-to-high viscosity liquids such as glues, conductive and non-conductive adhesives and pastes, the Precision Auger is an excellent choice. Read more about Precision Auger Pump.

Pump Integration now available – retrofit / integrate Precision Auger pump into third party system.

Volumetric Dispensing Valves & Pumps

PCD Dispense Pump Series

Proprietary progressive-cavity dispense pumps for continuously volumetric dispensing. Outstanding capabilities for low-to-mid/high viscosity liquids. No drip or drool and repeatable results over the entire pot life of the liquid. Read more about Volumetric Pumps.

PCD Pump Integration now available – retrofit / integrate Volumetric PCD pumps into third party system.

Jet Dispenser Valve

NCM5000 Pump

We offer a selection of pumps to meet the needs of most liquids used in Electronics manufacturing. Read more about NCM5000 Jetting Pump.

Pump Integration now available – retrofit / integrate Jetting NCM5000 pump into third party system.

Time Pressure Dispensing Valves & Pumps

Time pressure is a versatile method of dispensing that functions across a wide range of viscosities. The time pressure dispensing valve method works by applying pressure to the syringe. The pressure pulse is monitored by the system software and a pressure controller. With an appropriate fluid and nozzle configuration, very fine and repeatable dots and lines can be dispensed. Read more about Time Pressure Dispensing.