Dam and Fill Dispensing Videos

Dam and Fill Dispensing

Dam and fill dispensing is a two-step process for fully encapsulating high I/O count, wire bonded die. First, it consists of dispensing a dam around device perimeter. Second step, fill material is dispensed in the center of a dam. An alternative to dam and fill is a Glob Top process. Glob Top does not utilize a dam; therefore, the process covers a varying area on substrate. Normally, Glob top is used on low-cost products and when wetted area is not critical.

Dam and fill dispensing is typically used for applications such as microelectronics packages, chip-scale packages (CSPs), thermal interface materials (TIMs), board level encapsulants and etc.

Videos show high fluid volume dam and filling dispensing & multilevel dam.

Application Information: Encapsulation Dispensing – Dam and Fill, Glob Top