Conductive Adhesive Dispensing Videos

Conductive Adhesive Dispensing

Conductive adhesive is an electrically conductive material that adheres dies and other small components to substrates; typically ceramic, gold, and FR4 substrates. Electrically conductive adhesives have a variety of applications especially in electronics, where two or more components must be held in place and the electric current can be passed between them. They are used in high-reliability applications such as aerospace, automotive, medical, electronic manufacturing, telecom products and more. Some examples are:

  • Conductive adhesives are used for die attach and bonding components onto PCBs.
  • Conductive adhesives are useful for applications with temperature sensitive substrates such as LCD displays.
  • Conductive adhesive can be used for LEDs mounting and touch-panels.
  • Conductive adhesives are useful for coating and bonding RFID chips.

Conductive Adhesive Dispensing Videos

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