Conductive Adhesive Dispensing: Ink Dispensing

PCD continuously volumetric dispensing technology is able to meter low viscosity fluids such as conductive ink to dispense uniform, wide conductive tracks. PCD continuously volumetric technology excels at dispensing the low viscosity conductive ink – it will not drip or drool even when under constant pressure. Fluid volume also remains constant over the pot-life of the fluid.

Conductive Ink Dispensing

For the most even flow, it is recommended that you utilize GPD Global S Type Taper tips. Taper tips require less pressure than other equivalent ID style tips when beginning a dispense. The lower startup pressure means a uniform start and end of the line.

Dispensing is a versatile method for dispensing tracks across substrates to join multiple panels or units. The dispense path may be altered and changed to accommodate custom designs. Dispense rates of 4″/sec (100 mm/sec) are easily achieved with line widths up to 1.2 mm and resultant thicknesses of 0.0008″ to 0.001″ (0.02 mm to 0.025 mm) are possible with a single pass. If a wider track is required, then multiple passes may be linked together.

For more information, see Conductive and Non-Conductive Adhesives.