NEW Benchtop Dispensing Robot!

Full-featured compact and efficient benchtop dispensing robot offers accurate and repeatable dispense results.

GRAND JUNCTION, CO USA ― February 2018 ― GPD Global introduces its NEW full-featured benchtop dispensing robot system: Catalina. A benchtop system does not mean “no features”. This compact and efficient semi-auto dispense robot provides you with numerous standard features: automatic vision, laser surface sensing, and automatic nozzle alignment and calibration.

Full-featured Benchtop Dispensing Robot

Some companies require a small and economical dispense system to meet their dispensing requirements – Catalina was developed with this in mind. This powerful and compact dispense robot is easy to learn with its computer-based software with Windows operating system. Applications using conductive adhesives, solder pastes, glues and gasketing, and more benefit from this compact and full-featured table top dispensing system.

  • Automatic Alignment and Positioning with high resolution camera
  • Laser Surface Sensing
  • Create dispense path using camera teach or on-screen graphic editing
  • Import DXF files for complex path programming
  • I/O ports provides the flexibility to add advanced features/equipment
  • And more…

Programming is done via computer. User-friendly graphic editing allows users to effortlessly create a dispense path.  For complex path programming, AutoCAD DXF files can be imported. For uneven surfaces, the system can use the laser to trace a dispense path for automatic dispense height adjustment.

Catalina is a semi-automatic table top dispense robot system that is compatible with GPD Global’s full line of dispensing pumps: Precision Auger, NCM5000 Jetting, Volumetric PCD, and Time Pressure. A pump is available to suit your fluid type and dispense requirements.

Speak with our specialist about your dispensing requirements: contact 970-245-0408 or

See live demo of this impressive full-featured benchtop system at IPC APEX 2018 – Booth 3325. 


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