East Coast Demo Center for Automated Selective Conformal Coating

Automated, Selective, Conformal Coating with Precision Dispensing Capabilities

GRAND JUNCTION, CO USA ― July 2017 ― GPD Global is in the process of setting up a demonstration center on the East coast of the United States. Rapid Coatings, located in Woburn Massachusetts, will be the East coast demo coating center. A GPD Global conformal coating system (SimpleCoat) configured with spray, precision dispense, and volumetric progressive cavity displacement technology will be used for Rapid Coatings production and customer demonstration. We believe the partnership between GPD Global and Rapid Coatings will bring Conformal Coating product business to the next level with great success.

In addition to a conformal coating demo machine for our customers to perform test-runs, Rapid Coatings will also use this conformal coating system for customer projects.

Over the last twenty years, GPD Global has built a significant Northeast customer base with its lineup of precision fluid dispensers and looks forward to expanding those relationships through an agreement with Rapid Coatings.

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SimpleCoat Selective Conformal Coating System
SimpleCoat Automated Selective Conformal Coating System.