Precision Fluid Dispensing Solutions for Aerospace

Precision Fluid Dispensing Solutions For Aerospace photo

The Aerospace industry requires engineers and products to assist with the development and manufacturing of technology which enables travel and exploration of earth’s atmosphere and neighboring space. The building of satellites, missiles, flight craft, rockets and drones requires flexible and precision fluid dispensing systems. Handling a wide range of fluids with applications for component underfill, component staking, TIMs for heat dissipation, solder-paste and conductive epoxies require reliable pump/valve selection and superior applications support.

Proven Track Record with Precision Fluid Dispensing Solutions for Aerospace Applications

We have a long history of providing precision fluid dispensing solutions for the aerospace industry since 1995. Our superior applications support helps the aerospace industry overcome difficult applications with hard to dispense fluid applications for satellites, missiles, flight craft rockets and drones.

View more information about specific applications such as potting, component underfill, module encapsulation, staking, micro-dispensing, micro-volume solder-paste dispensing, component staking, COB (wire bonded device) encapsulation, TIMs for heat dissipation, solder-paste, and conductive epoxies

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