In-house Fluid Dispensing Evaluations

We offer In-house Fluid Dispensing Evaluations using your Materials & Product. Allow us to show you true performance!

Experience in fluid dispensing with applications such as PCB Assembly, Semiconductor Packaging and Test, Solar, Medical, Aerospace, Defense, Automotive & Consumer Products.

GPD Global evaluates your fluid dispensing application using the materials and product provided by you at our full-Service Application Lab. Our experienced fluid dispensing team will develop a unique process then manufacture productive and reliable automation equipment configured for your process. We will always keep you in the know of the progress and results.

You are welcome to visit GPD Global during the evaluation for hands-on experience. Let us show you our manufacturing site with high precision liquid dispensing equipment.

View more information about specific dispense applications such as Conductive Epoxies, Dam & Fill / Glob Top, Encapsulation, LED Encapsulation, Solder Paste Dispensing, Micro Dispensing for pastes, glues and epoxies, COB, Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs for heat dissipation) and more.

To request an In-House Application, contact us or call +1.970.245.0408

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