Jetting Pump

The NCM5000 Jetting Pump is Compatible with Wide Range of Fluids

Our Jetting pump is excellent for dispensing small volumes of fluid at high rates of speed. The NCM5000 simplifies jetting to its basic elements - this means easy set up, cleaning, and maintenance for you. The drive system is designed for reliable pneumatic operation at high speeds.

Dispense Range of the NCM500 Jetting Pump

This NCM5000 jetting pump is compatible with a wide range of fluids: UV curables, SMT glue, Underfills, and LED encapsulants to name a few.

The NCM5000 jetting pump seamlessly integrates into GPD Global platforms using toolless taper-lock mounting hardware. By pushing a single lever, the operator can either lock the pump in place or release the pump for maintenance or changeover without tools.

The NCM5000 jetting pump proceeds through the fully automated XYZ calibration sequence which incorporates vacuum purge/clean. This process calibrates the center of the tip for accurate nozzle positioning during processing.

Programming is easy. The operator programs the open/close time, typically defining the smallest shot of fluid to be dispensed. For larger dots, multiple shots are programmed in the same location.

During processing, the NCM5000 jetting pump dispenses from a constant height of up to 4 mm above the surface.

Jetting Pump
jetting on uneven surface
Jetting on even surface.

An uneven surface does not impact the process. Process rates up to 50,000 DPH can be achieved.

jetting on uneven surface
Jetting on uneven surface.

Easy Setup & Cleaning

Consisting of only 3 primary parts, the NCM5000 jetting pump has a main body, a flexible diaphragm with ball, and a nozzle plate, all of which are easy to install, disassemble, and clean. With only two screws to disassemble the entire pump and only two wetted parts, jetting couldn't be simpler.

easy-to-clean NCM5000 jetting pump
Easy-to-clean NCM5000 Jetting Pump - video.

Jetting Pump is Optimized for 3rd Party Integration

Don't have a jetting pump? Would you like to enjoy the benefits that a jetting pump has to offer? Add a versatile and powerful Jetting Pump to your existing dispense techology with GPD Global's Jetting Pump Integration for Third Party Dispense Systems.

When not used on a GPD Global platform, the pump can be controlled with an offline controller on a benchtop or from an external control system.

  • Pump Operation Pressure - controls the force of fluid exiting the pump
  • Pump Open Time - adjusts fluid volume of a single shot
  • Reservoir Pressure - controls reservoir fill speed
  • Pump Dispense Dwell - controls droplet frequency
  • Nozzle Temperature - compensates for temperature fluctuations within the facility and enhances compatibility of fluid characteristics for jetting
NCM5000 jetting controller

Jetting Pump Nozzle Selection

Carbide Nozzle Plate 75 µm 2650-0227
100 µm 2650-0153
125 µm 2650-0132
150 µm 2650-0133
200 µm 2650-0134
Ceramic Nozzle Plate 75 µm 2650-0135
125 µm 2650-0136
200 µm 2650-0137
Ceramic Capillary Nozzle Plate 75 µm 2650-0249
125 µm 2650-0251
200 µm 2650-0253

Jetting Pump NCM5000 Recommendations

Jetting Pump (NCM5000) Data Sheet - English pdf   / 中文 pdf  

Jetting Pump (NCM5000) for Retrofit/Integration - English pdf   / 中文 pdf