Magazine Loader and Unloader

The GPD Global Magazine Loader and Unloader are available as stand-alone or attached models. They are easily adjustable and can hold a wide range of different magazine sizes. The Loader and Unloader can quickly be adjusted for magazine width, length, and height to process various products such as lead frames, BGA substrates, micro BGA strips, and singulated components in boats or fixtures.

The floor-standing Loader and Unloader are compatible with third party systems through SMEMA communications. Automatic loading and unloading greatly increase system throughput by limiting operator intervention. Fragile wire-bonded substrates gain an added level of protection due to decreased handling by operators.

loader unloader operations
Loader and Unloader Operations - video.

The Loader, responding to a downstream request via SMEMA communications, automatically presents and ejects product from magazines onto a downstream equipment conveyor.

The Unloader, after requesting product from the upstream conveyor equipment through SMEMA communications, automatically inserts product into an empty magazine after receiving a signal from upstream.

Both the Loader and Unloader feature the following:

  • Holds up to two magazines per unit.
  • Magazines are accessible from the front of the machine.
  • Magazine transfer occurs in less than 15 seconds.
  • Quick changeover to different sized magazines.
  • Magazine controller for slot pitch, product count, and start-point.
  • On-board message center.

Heated Conveyor Module

The optional heated conveyor module is a single lane transportation unit. It can move product to the centrally located heating zone, and then after product is processed, it can move it to the downstream system. Contact GPD Global for more information.

SMEMA Communications

Simplest scenario.
Full line scenario.


Footprint (L x W x H): 1250 mm x 600 mm x 1750 mm (49.2" x 23.6" x 68.9")