Precision Lead Formers

GPD Global Axial and Radial precision lead formers have been industry standards since the 1980s, consistently outperforming and outliving the competition.

The CF-8 for Axial components and the CF-9 for taped Radial components are capable of forming a variety of forms including flushmount, standoff, and lock-in (dependent on inserted dies). The CF-10 handles 2- to 7-leaded Radial components in bulk or loose form and is capable of a variety of forms including flushmount, standoff, lock-in, and spread forms.

Axial Lead Formers

Model Description
CF-8 Taped or bulk AXIAL component lead former.
CF-8 Tooling Precision die sets.
CF-8 Accessories Standard and optional accessories.

Radial Lead Formers

Model Description
CF-9 Taped RADIAL component lead former.
CF-10 Bulk or loose RADIAL component lead former.